Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe ten Gigabit ring network s

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Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe ten Gigabit ring network switch

Mine flameproof hard disk video recorder is suitable for coal mine in explosive environment, mainly used to connect video images, for real-time monitoring and video recording of images, and video playback, video recorder built-in storage hard disk, supporting video storage time of more than 15 days; Hard disk video recorder (DVR) is the key equipment for real-time image surveillance and video recording of main production links, important equipment and key positions in the coal mine industrial TV system, which adopts optical cable or cable transmission; This video recorder has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, earthquake resistance, moisture resistance and so on.

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The company is committed to providing advanced technology, stable quality, safe and reliable mining explosion-proof electrical equipment and automation systems for the mining industry. The company's products cover nearly 100 specifications and models of various high and low voltage switches in coal mines, and are suitable for various application scenarios in Electrical substation, roadways, and mining faces.

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