Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system for mini

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Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system for mining

The system is suitable for underground coal mine with explosive dangerous gas and coal dust, and can be used in cable trench, high voltage cable, transmission belt, coal transport trestle, coal storage yard, dangerous goods warehouse and other occasions that need space continuous temperature measurement. It is an ideal upgrade replacement for traditional temperature measurement methods (temperature sensing cable, temperature measuring cable). This system integrates computer, optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, photoelectric control and other technologies in one. It is a system that uses the temperature effect of Raman backscatter signal generated by laser in the process of optical fiber transmission, combined with the principle of optical time domain reflectometry to obtain spatial temperature distribution information and spatial positioning information. As a temperature signal sensing and transmission medium, optical fiber has the advantages of intrinsically safe, corrosion resistant, easy to install wiring, free from electromagnetic interference, and can realize long-distance distribution measurement.

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