Mine drainage monitoring system

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Mine drainage monitoring system

The underground pump is one of the main equipment in coal mine production. The remote control and monitoring of the underground pump house is an important part of the comprehensive automation construction. At present, in the drainage system design of the mine pump house, a number of multistage centrifugal pumps are generally set up, one is used, one is prepared and one is repaired. These pumps have high voltage, high power and complex operating conditions, and it is difficult to achieve real-time monitoring manually. The underground drainage monitoring system of coal mine takes the programmable controller as the control core, and monitors the working state of each equipment of the underground drainage system through various advanced and reliable sensors, protection devices and electric actuators, so as to realize the automatic control of the underground pump drainage system. The system integrates computer technology and automatic control technology, and is applied to the full automation of underground drainage in coal mine and remote monitoring of the ground. According to the actual situation of the mine, automatic transformation can be carried out on the basis of the original facilities, so that the equipment can automatically run and self-diagnose in the case of no interference. At the same time, through the intelligent scheduling algorithm according to the water level of the water tank, the running time of the water pump, the coal mine power load and other information, all the pumps in the pump room are centralized management and unified scheduling, so that each pump can be balanced use and achieve the best working state, effectively extend the service life of the unit on the basis of energy saving and emission reduction, and increase the efficiency basis. Further reduce the labor intensity of staff, and improve the intelligent level and operation management level of coal mines on the basis of safe production.

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