Mine visual access control device ZKM12

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Mine visual access control device ZKM12

The visual access control device for mining is a set of access control equipment with functions such as swipe card, video surveillance and voice intercom, which is used for access management; It is mainly installed in the substation room or pump station room in the coal mine, and is used as the central substation, the mining area substation, the temporary power supply point, the fire material warehouse or the water pump room, the access control and the door status monitoring. The access control device mainly includes mining access control controller, mining casting type electromagnet, intrinsic safety power supply, ID/IC induction card, industrial computer, control management software and card issuer. The access control controller installed in the mine communicates with the computer host on the ground through optical fiber Ethernet. In normal operation, only the underground part can be formed into the access control device. The computer host on the ground is only needed when remote control and real-time status monitoring are required. It can realize the functions of remote call door opening, local IC card door opening, face recognition door opening, iris recognition door opening, fingerprint recognition door opening, etc., which is an important product for realizing unattended coal mine automation.

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