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Coal mine power supply equipment value management software LYXK2030

The basic task of the comprehensive protection device of high and low voltage switch in coal mine power supply system is to automatically, quickly and selectively remove the faulty equipment or line from the power system, so that the faulty components will not be damaged, and ensure that other trouble-free parts will quickly return to normal operation. When the project system capacity is large and the wiring is complex, the protection configuration design and action coordination will be very difficult, and the protection selectivity and reliability problems are prominent. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reasonable configuration, analysis and calculation of the integrated protection device and setting value of the power system. Moreover, with the increase of the system capacity and the adjustment of the system load, the setting value of the integrated protection device of the system needs regular accounting and maintenance. In order to ensure that the requirements of the actual working conditions are met.

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The company is committed to providing advanced technology, stable quality, safe and reliable mining explosion-proof electrical equipment and automation systems for the mining industry. The company's products cover nearly 100 specifications and models of various high and low voltage switches in coal mines, and are suitable for various application scenarios in Electrical substation, roadways, and mining faces.

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