Coal mine integrated automation control platform

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Coal mine integrated automation control platform

Coal mine integrated automation management and control platform is the application of automation technology, computer software technology and communication technology to the coal mine site to achieve comprehensive monitoring system; The system platform is based on the premise of "centralized storage application, distributed management, data unification and permission sharing". The overall structure of the system adopts hierarchical logic design and is divided into three layers from the bottom up: device layer, transmission layer, and information layer. Based on the flexible B/S and C/S interfaces, the coal mine is fully automated and intelligent in the production links of "mining, digging, transportation, wind, water and electricity", so that the production and management of the whole mine is more scientific and efficient; According to the hardware platform and network system, the software "Visual information system for integrated management of safety production" is used to build a unified software integration platform. Through the company LAN and the man-machine interface of the system, the information of engineering, production, safety and equipment operation status can be comprehensively queried, which provides an advanced information support platform for mine safety and production management.

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The company is committed to providing advanced technology, stable quality, safe and reliable mining explosion-proof electrical equipment and automation systems for the mining industry. The company's products cover nearly 100 specifications and models of various high and low voltage switches in coal mines, and are suitable for various application scenarios in Electrical substation, roadways, and mining faces.

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