Flameproof optical fiber camera KBA127 for mine

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Flameproof optical fiber camera KBA127 for mine

It is a new generation of explosion-proof monitoring equipment, which uses H.265 coding technology and millions of high-definition sensors. The integrated design of the camera has the functions of small size, light weight, low illumination, strong light suppression, etc. High definition, flexible configuration, small transmission loss, long transmission distance, no spark, lamp and camera integrated, easy to install and so on. The camera is composed of an explosion-proof shell and a movement, and the movement is fixed in the explosion-proof shell; The movement is composed of power supply board, optical end machine (network transceiver), camera, infrared light board and other parts.

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The company is committed to providing advanced technology, stable quality, safe and reliable mining explosion-proof electrical equipment and automation systems for the mining industry. The company's products cover nearly 100 specifications and models of various high and low voltage switches in coal mines, and are suitable for various application scenarios in Electrical substation, roadways, and mining faces.

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