Mining explosion-proof high-voltage starting reactor DKBG-1000/6-

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Mining explosion-proof high-voltage starting reactor DKBG-1000/6-410

Suitable for underground coal mines in explosive environments, high-voltage squirrel cage AC asynchronous motors with a rated frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage of 10kV, 6KV, and rated power below 2500kW are subjected to voltage reduction and current limiting starting. It has the advantages of low starting current, reduced impact on the power grid, and reliable starting performance. The technical parameters of the starting reactor are the same as those of the ordinary starting reactor, and there is a high-voltage vacuum contactor that shortens the reactor after starting. The contactor operation is automatically completed by the internal controller, without the need for additional control lines; Internally, we have taken the lead in adopting a fully Chinese and Chinese micro computer integrated controller, which not only has the ability to adjust time, current, and temperature values without opening the door, but also has the function of reactor temperature exceeding limit protection and reactor short circuit error protection (that is, when the high-voltage bypass contactor cannot be normally closed, it can automatically cut off the higher-level switch). Connected with KJ series underground power grid monitoring system, it can realize remote automatic control, monitoring and monitoring of power equipment, and realize modern management such as unattended Electrical substation.

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The company is committed to providing advanced technology, stable quality, safe and reliable mining explosion-proof electrical equipment and automation systems for the mining industry. The company's products cover nearly 100 specifications and models of various high and low voltage switches in coal mines, and are suitable for various application scenarios in Electrical substation, roadways, and mining faces.

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